Friday, January 7, 2011

Are Seniors Selfish?

I'm weeks behind in reading The New Yorker, but I want to belatedly alert readers to the Nov. 22 article about "the revolt of the retired" that has led to so much talk about repealing the federal health reform law of 2010.

The article, by James Surowiecki, points out that "in every age group but one - seniors -a plurality of voters want to keep the bill intact."

The reason? Seniors believe health reform is coming at their expense. "Never mind that...the (new law) also has a host of provisions that benefit seniors - most notably the closing of the infamous drug benefit 'doughnut hole,' which had left people responsible for thousands of dollars in prescription drug costs."

The author adds, "There's a colossal irony here: the very people who currently enjoy the benefits of a subsidized, government-run insurance system are intent on keeping others from getting the same treatment."

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